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Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT) was founded in 2001 by Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRC. Prior to forming CTT, Kay had over 21 years of clinical experience as a registered nurse and over 10 years of clinical research experience, including serving as a CRA & CRA Manager for a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and as Director of Research for a doctor-owned research site.

Kay’s vision to successfully conduct pharmaceutical and device research studies with high integrity and exceptional quality is realized today through the outstanding group of research professionals and investigators affiliated with CTT.

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What Are Clinical Research Studies?

All medications that are sold either by prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) must be properly tested in order to ensure that they adequately treat the condition that they were designed for and do not present a significant risk to the people that take them.

New medications are first tested in animals (pre-clinical trials) so researchers can gain a better understanding of how the medications will react in humans. After animal testing is complete, researchers will then test the medication in humans, a phase known as clinical research studies.

Rapid Start, Quality Execution, On-Time Data Delivery

From study start to study end, CTT leads the industry in meeting sponsor timelines and delivering exceptional quality data. By streamlining study execution through SOPs, policies and procedures and an effective team approach, CTT can work with accelerated study timelines without compromising quality. With a dedicated Quality Assurance Department, CTT achieves high quality control of every data point that is delivered to sponsors.