“We are passionate about quality, in the care we give to our patients and the data we provide to our sponsors.”

Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRC, President/CEO of Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc.




Dr. Douglas Denham, medical director of CTT, talks to FoxSanAntonio reporter Camilla Rambaldi about an investigational device for diabetes.

Fatty Liver

CTT Medical Director, Dr. Douglas Denham, talks about the rise of fatty liver in a national story.

Military-Related PTSD

Dr. Harry Croft talks to KENS5 reporter Jeremy Baker about military-related PTSD and a breakthrough study.


Dr. Jason Miller, an investigator for CTT, talks to KENS5 reporter Jeremy Baker about depression.

What It’s Like to Be in a Research Study

Fox 29 reporter Camilla Rambaldi goes behind the scenes at CTT to see what it’s like to be in a research study.


Dr. Douglas Denham, medical director of CTT,  talks to KENS5 about the threat of prediabetes.


Dr. Harry Croft, Chief of CNS Research at CTT tells Ch. 4 about a new study for sufferers of PTSD,

Silent Killer: Fatty Liver

Dr. Douglas Denham and one of CTT’s trial patients talk to KSAT’s Ursula Pari about fatty liver disease.

Teenage Depression

Dr. Jason Miller talks to KENS5’s Anusha Roy about teenage depression.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Harry Croft talks to San Antonio Living about the signs of Alzheimer’s.

A New Trial for Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Harry Croft talks to Daytime@9 about CTT’s Alzheimer’s research.

Finding Patients for Alzheimer’s Disease Research

Dr. Harry Croft talks to SA Live about finding patients to participate in Alzheimer’s clinical trials.

CEO Kay Scroggins SA Woman Cover and Cover Story

Read more about Clinical Trials of Texas’ CEO, Kay Scroggins, in this cover story in SA Woman Magazine.

New Treatment for PTSD Being Tested in San Antonio

Dr. Harry Croft, Chief of CNS Research at CTT talks about our involvement with a PTSD drug trial.

Battling Alzheimer’s in San Antonio

Dr. Harry Croft, Chief of CNS Research at CTT, and Mr. Smith, who participates in a trial, talk about their experience with Alzheimer’s.

Leading Businesswomen in San Antonio

The San Antonio Express-News lists CTT CEO Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRC, as one of the city’s top business women.

Possible New PTSD Treatment

Dr. Harry Croft and research study volunteer Mark Bratton both speak about the CTT trial for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Volunteers, Doctors on Alzheimer’s Research in San Antonio

Dr. Harry Croft and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, who are participating in an Alzheimer’s study, talk about their experiences.

CTT Talks About Need for Alzheimer’s Disease Research Studies

Dr. Kate Glywasky was interviewed by Ursula Pari about the growing Alzheimer’s crisis. Also, CTT study participant Charles talks about why he’s involved in the studies.

CTT Talks About Bullying
Dr. Jason Miller, investigator, talks about how bullying affects children.

A Top-Quality Multi-specialty Research Organization

Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT) was founded in 2001 by Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRC. Prior to forming CTT, Kay had more than 16 years of clinical experience as a registered nurse and more than 10 years of clinical research experience, including serving as a CRA & CRA Manager for a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and as Director of Research for a doctor-owned research site. Kay’s vision to successfully conduct pharmaceutical and device research studies with high integrity and exceptional quality is realized today through the outstanding group of research professionals and investigators affiliated with CTT.

CTT has a highly-equipped and versatile 15,000 sq. ft. facility capable of conducting Phase 1-4 studies in a multitude of therapeutic areas. In addition to our Medical Director, Douglas Denham, DO, more than 15 board-certified physicians, who practice in the San Antonio area, work with CTT to conduct studies in their respective medical specialties. This vast network of investigators has helped create one of the largest and most capable research sites in the United States. The top priorities of CTT can be quickly understood by simply reading our Mission & Vision Statement.

CTT Mission & Vision

To conduct clinical research protocols safely, ethically, efficiently and accurately to produce quality data for our sponsors.

To meet sponsor timelines, protocol requirements and recruitment goals while always keeping subject safety a top priority.

To treat research subjects with respect and dignity for the great service and sacrifice they make on behalf of the greater good of our society, and to provide them with the best possible customer service so that every participant has a positive experience.

To maintain a professional and vibrant team who respect each other, support each other and promote positive thinking.

To achieve long-term success for the benefit of each other and our families.

About CTT

CTT has the capability to conduct clinical research studies in a multitude of therapeutic areas, phases and design types. We work with major pharmaceutical and device sponsors, CROs, as well as smaller bio-tech companies to successfully and safely advance their research and development projects. CTT provides exceptional value to sponsors with rapid start-up capabilities, successful recruitment strategies, an experienced clinical research team, rapid data entry and dedicated quality control.

CTT has been named “Top Workplaces in San Antonio” by the San Antonio Express-News for the past five years in a row. CEO Kay Scroggins was honored with a “C-Suite Award for Small/Midsize Companies” in 2015 by the San Antonio Business Journal.

More About CTT!

Primary Specialties

  • Vaccines
  • Women’s Health
  • Psychiatry – Adult/Adolescent/Child
  • General Pediatrics
  • Dermatology
  • Otolaryngology (ENT)
  • Pain Management
  • Surgical Procedures & Devices
  • Neurostimulators
  • Vascular Medicine & Surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Diabetes
  • Devices
  • Healthy Populations


  • Early Phase Services
  • Clinical Research Operations
    (Phase 2-4)
  • Medical Safety Director/Monitor
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Subject Recruitment
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Business Development
  • Business Operations
  • Quality Assurance

Physician Network

  • More than 15 Board-Certified Physicians
  • More than 15 Specialties
  • GCP Certified Investigators
  • Involved Oversight


  • Access-Controlled 15,000 sq. ft. Facility
  • Phase 1 Inpatient Facilities
  • Backup Generators
  • -800°C/-400°C/-200°C Freezers
  • 2-8o°C Refrigerators
  • Temperature Data Logging & Phone Alert System for All Monitored Areas
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Synchronous Atomic Clocks
  • Programmable Medical Treadmill
  • Cardiac Stress System
  • ECG/EEG/Holter Capabilities
  • Proprietary SOPs
  • Large & Diverse Database of Potential Research Subjects
  • DEA Drug Compliance
  • X-Ray/MRI/CT/PET/Sonogram/DEXA
  • Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Colonoscopy/Endoscopy Capabilities
  • Limited-Access, Temperature-Controlled Drug Storage