“We are at a crisis in this world in terms of discovering a cure.”

Dr. Harry Croft of Clinical Trials of Texas, speaking about Alzheimer’s.

Here at Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc., we care about more than just business, because we’ve learned that community education, awareness and activism is the key to changing people’s lives for the better. We are committed to sharing our knowledge about medical and psychiatric conditions, as well as promoting the latest research studies that work to find treatments to improve the quality of life for patients now and in the future.


CEO Kay Scroggins SA Woman Cover and Cover Story

Read more about Clinical Trials of Texas’ CEO, Kay Scroggins, in this cover story in SA Woman Magazine.

Teenage Depression

Dr. Jason Miller talks to KENS5 about a new teenage depression trial.

New Treatment for PTSD Being Tested in San Antonio

Dr. Harry Croft, Chief of CNS Research at CTT talks about our involvement with a PTSD drug trial.


Battling Alzheimer’s in San Antonio

Dr. Harry Croft, Chief of CNS Research at CTT, and Mr. Smith, who participates in a trial, talk about their experience with Alzheimer’s.

Leading Businesswomen in San Antonio

The San Antonio Express-News lists CTT CEO Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRC, as one of the city’s top business women.

Possible New PTSD Treatment

Dr. Harry Croft and research study volunteer Mark Bratton both speak about the CTT trial for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Volunteers, Doctors on Alzheimer’s Research in San Antonio

Dr. Harry Croft and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, who are participating in an Alzheimer’s study, talk about their experiences.

CTT Talks About Need for Alzheimer’s Disease Research Studies

Dr. Kate Glywasky was interviewed by Ursula Pari about the growing Alzheimer’s crisis. Also, CTT study participant Charles talks about why he’s involved in the studies.

CTT Talks About Bullying
Dr. Jason Miller, investigator, talks about how bullying affects children.

So look for articles from our physicians and staff, informational videos about conditions from our doctors, educational talks at seminars and symposiums and more. A few of the places you can find more information: