Lab Technician



Job Description


Job Title:        Laboratory Technician                                    


Department:   Clinical Research                     Salary: Hourly / Classification: Non-Exempt


  1. PURPOSE: To provide support to clinical research coordinators by obtaining laboratory specimens, processing specimens and shipping them as defined per sponsors’ protocols, CTT policies and procedures and OSHA requirements.  To provide administrative support to the regulatory department, to CRCs and to management as needed to facilitate the smooth operation of business at CTT.




Reports to:                   Lab Manager



Workers Supervised:    None


Interrelationships:  Works closely with CRCs on a daily basis to know laboratory requirements and locations of assignments for patients who are scheduled for study visits.  Works with the regulatory department and management to provide administrative support as assigned.




  1. Read, understand and is able to follow instruction manuals and sponsor protocols regarding laboratory specimens to be obtained following appropriate timelines per protocols;
  2. Is able to obtain, process and ship laboratory specimens using good laboratory technique and following OSHA and IATA regulations;
  3. Obtain and maintain IATA certification at all times;
  4. Maintain confidentiality of patient and protocol issues as appropriate and as bound by Confidentiality Agreements with CTT, between CTT and sponsors, between CTT and other entities and in compliance with all HIPAA regulations;
  5. Promptly report any adverse events or laboratory incidents to management that occur with patients when obtaining or processing lab specimens;
  6. Ensure availability of appropriate amounts of laboratory supplies at all times;
  7. Use professionalism in all communications with patients, sponsors, physicians, clinic staff, CTT employees, etc. whether communications occur in person, via telephone or via electronic modes;
  8. Attend required training courses/conferences in order to stay abreast of current and changing federal regulations and CTT policies;
  9. Pursue educational opportunities to increase knowledge of the research process, good laboratory practices, OSHA and IATA regulations;
  10. Perform all duties in a safe and prudent manner;
  11. Perform other duties as assigned.




  1. Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment;
  2. Travel required;
  3. Exposure to human bodily fluids;
  4. Laboratory processing procedures;
  5. Subject/Patient care;
  6. Daily computer use;
  7. Occasional night and weekend work schedules;


  1. Ability to properly lift up to 35 pounds and occasionally more than 35 pounds;
  2. Ability to drive, and daily availability of an automobile.




Education:     Bachelor’s degree or adequate experience as research laboratory technician.




  1. One year as research laboratory technician.


Knowledge and Skills:


  1. Able to obtain blood specimens via venipuncture using sterile technique;
  2. Able to effectively instruct patients regarding proper technique for obtaining urine and other biological specimens;
  3. Able to read, understand and assimilate required protocol specific laboratory procedures to be performed to include correct schedule of laboratory samples to be obtained, methods of obtaining specimens, methods of processing specimens and methods of shipping specimens using IATA and OSHA defined processes;
  4. Administrative organizational skills to ensure proper routing of laboratory test results, phone calls, maintenance of all laboratory manuals, equipment and supplies.







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