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CMV Vaccine Research Study Self-Scheduler

Please use this self-scheduler to help predetermine if you may qualify for a paid Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Vaccine Research Study at Clinical Trials of Texas. Qualified Participants Must:
  • Be a male or female between ages 16-40 and for:
    • Female participants 20 years and older, have or anticipate having direct exposure (in the home, socially, or occupationally) to children aged 5 and younger. 
        • Direct exposure is defined as either:
          • a) participant is the parent
          • b) participant has close contact (feeding, diaper changes, childcare/supervision) for at least 8 hours per week
        • Not be pregnant
        • Be in good general health
        • Be of childbearing potential and not be:
        • Surgically sterile
        • Postmenopausal
        • Additional criteria may apply. You must call Clinical Trials of Texas at 210-949-0122 before your appointment to verify screening qualification. 
        • Qualified participants receive up to $1,762.