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by: Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc.

Do dark rooms, mad scientists and human guinea pigs come to mind when you think about clinical research?

Don’t be shy, you won’t hurt our feelings!

Truth is, most people have a misunderstanding of clinical research and what it means to participate in a research study.

Unfortunately there isn’t much publicity about it and most physicians rarely bring up medical research to their patients, even though there is a lot of benefit for most participants.

When you think about it, that Advil you took today for your headache or those antibiotics you were prescribed for the last infection you had, all have gone through clinical research studies. Every single medication you have ever taken has gone through the long process of research, which often takes 10-15 years to complete.

If you’re like me and are worried about safety, you may be surprised to know that the FDA has strict guidelines on clinical research. All potential drugs go through a rigorous evaluation process by the FDA who looks at every single thing about the drug including safety, drug design and even the conditions under which the drug has been manufactured.

All of this before a clinical trial for that drug can even begin.

Once a trial begins, it is good to know that participants will also be monitored throughout the entire duration of the study by a board-certified physician.

No dark rooms or mad scientists. Real doctors.

And although participants get an added benefit of being paid for the study they participate in, they also get the benefit of knowing that they are helping advance medical research and potentially being a part of developing a life-saving drug.

If you’re in San Antonio, you are amongst one of the largest and most advanced clinical research facilities in the country and have a great opportunity to help promote health through research.

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