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by: Tamara Marie Oranday

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, which means lots and lots of holiday foods.

If you’re anything like me, you probably go on a diet the week before as if that’s going to make a difference when stuffing your face for a full week after…Oh the guilty pleasures.

However, this holiday season we need to be careful because statistics are slowly but surely catching up to some of us with BIG NUMBERS! Right now about a THIRD of the U.S. population is suffering with high cholesterol, but not everyone is aware of what’s causing it.

Most symptoms of high cholesterol are unknown simply because they don’t exist. Cholesterol is simply a fat-like, waxy substance and it doesn’t come with any side-effects or warnings which makes it even more dangerous (hence the “silent killer” title).

High cholesterol comes from many different places: Genetic make-up, Obesity, Unhealthy Diet, Lack of Exercise, and by having other issues like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Now don’t confuse it, you do have both good AND bad cholesterol, so it’s not always a bad thing to just know what your levels are at. In most cases, doctors are recommending getting your levels checked once you hit age 20, and then about every 5 years after that to make sure you’re staying healthy.

Just like everything else, this condition left untreated can begin to cause other problems such as heart disease and even increase your chances of heart attacks and strokes.

If you have tried all your options including medications and diet and exercise and still haven’t seen much progress, consider doing a research study with Clinical Trials of Texas Inc. You can apply online today at SAresearch.com or call us today for more information 210.949.0122.