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by: Tamara Marie Oranday

Suffering from the irritating symptoms of a yeast infection?

You’re not alone! Woman of all ages, races, and sizes suffer with a very common and well-known problem; yeast infections.

There’s a lot that contributes to these infections: Lack of Sleep, Stress, High Estrogen Levels (mostly in pregnant women or woman taking hormone therapy), Diabetes, HIV, and even taking antibiotics.
Not quite sure it’s a yeast infection?

Most of the symptoms for your common yeast infection include:

• Itching
• Soreness
• Pain/Burning when urinating or during intercourse
• Thick White Discharge (normally odorless)
• Rash

Sound familiar?

Although it’s sometimes out of your control when a yeast infection comes on, there are some pre-cursors that may help to prevent them without medications.

Statistics show that most women get an onset of symptoms the week before your menstrual cycle. As well, pregnant women get recurring yeast infections due to the hormones and higher estrogen levels.
What do I do now? Is there anything to treat it?

The majority of the treatments available for yeast infections are antifungal creams, a suppository that’s placed in the vagina, or an oral anti-fungal tablet. Most of which you can get at your local convenience store.

However there are some tips that may help for prevention:

• Eat Yogurt
• Wear Clothes Made with Natural Fibers (Cotton, Linen, Silk)
• Avoid douching
• Avoid sitting in wet clothes (Swimwear) & wash all underwear in hot water

If you have tried all your options & are still suffering with recurring yeast infections, consider participating in a clinical trial with Clinical Trials of Texas Inc. You can visit our website at SAresearch.com or call 210.949.0122.