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by: Rick Greenfield

Are you dealing with the unsightly effects of nail psoriasis? If so, you are not alone. More than 6 Million people in the US have psoriasis, and roughly 30% of psoriasis patients show symptoms in their fingernails or toenails.

Typically nail psoriasis symptoms will present as rough pits in the nail plate. More severe cases involve orange-yellow discoloration and even nail loss. Studies have also shown that sufferers of nail psoriasis typically have more severe psoriasis cases that involve more treatment, less satisfaction with treatment, and more time spent seeking adequate treatment options.

Essentially, nail psoriasis is a condition that lacks good treatment options and patients that suffer with nail psoriasis often endure emotional and physical stress. Since psoriasis is an immune mediated disorder, treatments often target limiting or lowering the body’s immune response. Topical or systemic steroids, vitamin A or D derivatives and UVA ultraviolet light are all potential treatment options that typically only help to lessen symptoms and provide some relief.

Scientists are looking for new, better treatment options and medical research is currently underway. Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. located in San Antonio is currently conducting a study for subjects with nail psoriasis. For those that suffer with nail psoriasis, this study may present an opportunity to be seen by a board-certified dermatologist and potentially receive treatment for their condition. To find out more, visit SAresearch.com or call (210) 949-0122.