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by: Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc.

Recognizing the causes of an asthma attack can be difficult at first and take months or even years to fully understand. Learning about asthma triggers, avoiding them, and using daily maintenance therapy is a good start when it comes to controlling asthma.

Common triggers include anything from airborne allergens like pollen, animal dander, mold, cockroaches and dust mites to respiratory infections, physical activity, air pollutants like smoke and even just plain old cold air.

Being exposed to one of your triggers can set off an asthma attack, most often requiring the use of a rescue medication like Albuterol. In more severe cases, a course of steroid medications may be prescribed and for those with repeat episodes, your physician may recommend a daily therapy to reduce the chance of an attack.

Getting asthma under control is a daunting task that may seem never-ending, but there is hope. A lot of those diagnosed with asthma at a young age will often times grow out of it and not have symptoms as an adult and if they do, they won’t be as bad.

Those whose asthma follows them into adulthood unfortunately still have to deal with the possibility of an asthma attack, but medications can help keep symptoms at bay.

Other medications to help control asthma are currently being tested in clinical trials. If you are interested in learning more about these study opportunities. visit SAresearch.com or call 210.949.0122.