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by: Rick Greenfield

Having a loved one who is experiencing cognitive decline is a mentally challenging and painful experience.

To live through the gradual loss of a loved one’s ability to connect with people, experiences and precious memories is a long, sad journey that has little hope for improvement. Caretakers are often scared and confused with how to best manage the care of their declining loved one, and have many questions about how to navigate a complex atmosphere of treatment and long-term care.

Some of the warning signs that your loved one may be experiencing can include:

• Repeatedly asking for the same information
• Forgetting how to get to familiar places
• Having trouble finding words in normal conversation
• Difficulty concentrating
• Forgetting significant life events and important dates
• A lack of interest in personal appearance and grooming
• Frequently misplacing possessions
• Losing track of time

If you are seeing these signs and are becoming increasingly concerned, it may be time to start looking into help. There are many places that caregivers can turn to for advice and support. The first step is for caregivers to realize that they don’t have to face these challenges alone and seek out help. Help may simply be support and advice from others who have faced similar challenges, or assistance with learning how to provide safe and effective care. Here are some links to begin the search for help:


It may also be beneficial to have your loved one professionally evaluated for cognitive issues. Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT) here in San Antonio offers a free Memory Health Screening provided by a Board-Certified Neuropsychologist. This test is fairly quick and may help you and your loved-one determine if there is a need for further action and planning.

To find out more about this free Memory Screening, call CTT today at (210) 949-0122 or apply online at SAresearch.com.

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