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by: Luke Scroggins

Anxiety happens to everyone, we all worry, this in itself is not a bad thing. Anxiety is in fact a reaction to stress that exists to help keep us safe. It can help us in a dangerous situation by increasing our vigilance and activating the fight or flight response. Anxiety can also motivate us to finish that report due tomorrow, or study for the big exam.

How then do we differentiate this “normal” worry, from an anxiety disorder?

Unlike worry or a phobia, which is linked to a specific place or situation, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is general in nature – that is your entire life is affected by a constant sense of dread and fear.

Someone with GAD may worry about the same things as a normal person, work, safety, relationships, etc. But the difference lies in intensity and duration of the worry, along with its effect on the person’s life. Someone suffering from GAD experiences uncontrollable, excessive, intrusive, persistent and debilitating fear every day for at least six months.

Another key difference lies in the trigger, or “stressor.” Normal anxiety occurs in response to environmental triggers such as the big exam or a fight with a loved one. People experiencing GAD however may feel worry all day and cannot point to a source of the stress.

If you are experiencing some of the symptoms we’ve discussed and are concerned that you may be suffering from general anxiety disorder, first know that you are not alone. About 40 million adults suffer from GAD in the United States. Secondly, anxiety disorders are among the most treatable in emotional disorders. Now is the time to ask for help. Call us today at Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. by phone at (210) 949-0122, or visit us on the web at SAresearch.com.