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by: Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc.

At a recent event with CTT’s, Dr. Harry Croft, and a girl in the audience stood up and asked such a great question.

“What would you say to someone who is worried about taking a new medication?”

She explained that a friend of hers, instead of taking medicine that was given to her by her physician, turned to herbal or all-natural medicines instead.

His answer was one that I never really thought of before.

He explained that herbal remedies and those that are marketed as all natural supplements never have to go through any sort of FDA approval before they go out on stores shelves.

One example he gave was a study that was done a few years back on 3 different brands of St. John’s Wort that revealed that none of the brands that were tested even had Hypericum (the main ingredient supposed to be in St. John’s Wort) in the capsules.

Dr. Croft went on to say that dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids are not subject to the same rules and regulations by the FDA like other medications.

That means no research on the safety and effectiveness is ever done.

On the other hand, medications like the ones prescribed by your physician and the ones being tested at CTT, are under strict federal regulations and have to go through years of extensive testing before being distributed to consumers.

In fact, before a new medication is even put on stores shelves, it has to go through about a 12 year process of testing to prove its safety and effectiveness.

A very lengthy process, but all done to make sure that we as consumers are taking something that will not only benefit us, but will be safe for us too.

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