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by: Luke Scroggins

Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. will soon open recruitment for a diabetes study testing a brand new type of oral insulin.

Oral insulin is in many ways the holy grail of medical research developments. It would simplify the daily effort to regulate blood sugar by eliminating the need for painful injections, and thereby increase the rate of insulin compliance for diabetics.

Research and development for an effective oral insulin has been in the works for over 80 years, with efforts from nearly every major pharmaceutical company.

The challenge faced by drug developers is that insulin taken orally must survive the digestion process in the stomach. The low pH level needed to break down food in the stomach also effectively breaks down insulin before it can reach the liver.

While pharmaceutical companies have been able to get FDA approval for inhaled insulin, even giants such as Pfizer (Exubera) have had to pull their oral insulin products from the market for lack of consumer demand and profitability.

Researchers are now working to develop alternate delivery methods for oral insulin and are in various stages of testing. To find out if you may qualify to be a part of this study at Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc., contact us by phone: (210) 949-0122 or apply on our website to schedule a free diabetes health screening today.