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 Depression Facts:

  • Depression – Higher in Bexar County than Texas averages
    • 23% of Bexar County adults reported that they had experienced 5 or more poor mental health days in the last 30 days as opposed to 20% of Texas adults overall.*
    • 30% of Bexar county youth reported feeling sad or hopeless.*
    • 17% of Bexar county residents (vs. 13% of Texans) reported that they were kept from their usual activities for one or more days because of poor physical or mental health.*
    • Only half of the people in the U.S. who suffer from depression get help.**
  • Current depression treatments:
    • Take weeks or months to be effective
    • Often have side effects, including sexual dysfunction
  • Ketamine derivatives:
    • Have shown in trials to produce an immediate improvement in mood.
    • Have shown in trials to help people who haven’t responded to other medications
    • Currently in Phase 3 trial
    • Does not have FDA approval yet

“The use of ketamine in treating depression is possibly the most monumental development in the treatment of depression in the past three decades,” said Dr. Jason Miller, psychiatrist and prinicipal investigator for CTT’s depression trial. “Studies have shown that this drug may improve mood in as little as two hours which is revolutionary in the mental health field.”