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How do I know if my loved one is at risk?
Your loved one may be at risk if she:

  • Had symptoms of Postpartum Depression during a previous pregnancy
  • Has a history of anxiety disorder or depression
  • Had a stressful life event occur during the pregnancy

How can I recognize the symptoms of Postpartum Depression?
Has your loved one been:

  • Having difficulty bonding with her new baby?
  • Feeling sad, anxious, or overwhelmed since giving birth?
  • Not taking care of herself i.e. not bathing, not eating?

From the Doctor:
“While ‘baby blues’ will be experienced by 80 percent of women after birth 10-20 percent report Postpartum Depression,” said Dr.Ayode Avworo, an investigator for Clinical Trials of Texas, “Postpartum Depression can be long lasting and it is important to know the signs to help your loved one get treatment.”