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By Ayo Avworo DNP, APRN, FNP-BC




Over the last few months, we have experienced what has undoubtedly been a change to daily life as the new coronavirus disease spread in our community. In the last few weeks, Bexar County has seen large increases in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations for the virus have increased more than 4-fold since June 1st. These unprecedented events require that we all do our part to protect ourselves, loved ones, neighbors, and friends. Wearing a facial covering is one of the most essential control measures that everyone can and should take. Masks provide a critical barrier, reducing the number of infectious viruses in exhaled breath and the likelihood and severity of the coronavirus.

So, join us. Join us in creating a safe and healthy community by:

  • Using a face mask when around others;
  • Washing your hands often; and
  • Staying at least 2 arm’s length from other people.