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Dear COVID Warrior,


We understand that you may be anxious to learn when you can become unblinded (learn whether or not you received placebo) and receive the active vaccination if you did receive placebo. Here is the latest information:

  • Please know that we are working on calling each of you who qualify according to current guidelines for vaccine distribution.

  • Patients who currently qualify to be unblinded will be notified by a phone call from CTT with instructions on what to do next.

  • It is our sponsor’s intention to allow all unblinded patients to the actual vaccine.

  • Although we are working quickly to notify eligible patients (again, we are unblinding according to the guidelines about who should be vaccinated, in what order), please know that if you haven’t heard from us we will be in touch as soon as possible.

  • New updates will be emailed to you each week from this email.

Most important: we are so extremely grateful for each and every one of you for stepping up to find a vaccine to end the pandemic.

Our sincerest thanks,
The CTT Team