Our Team

One of the Largest and Most Capable Research Teams in the United States

Meet our research team led by Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRC, who founded Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT) in 2001. She has been in the clinical research industry for more than 20 years. Our Medical Director, Douglas Denham, DO, CPI along with 16 other board-certified physicians, who practice in the San Antonio area, work with CTT to conduct studies in their respective medical specialties. This network of investigators has helped create one of the largest and most capable research sites in the United States.

Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRCPresident/CEO

Kay Scroggins, RN, CCRC


Douglas Denham, DO, CPIMedical Director/Principal Investigator

Douglas Denham, DO, CPI

Medical Director/Principal Investigator

Leisel Koerber, BBA, CCRCSr. VP, Operations

Leisel Koerber, BBA, CCRC

Sr. VP, Operations

Lele Simmons, BBASr. VP, Business Development

Lele Simmons, BBA

Sr. VP, Business Development

Ayoade (Ayo) Avworo DNP, APRN, FNP-BCInvestigator

Ayoade (Ayo) Avworo DNP, APRN, FNP-BC


Kerry De Jesus, Psy.DInvestigator/Rater, Mental Health

Kerry De Jesus, Psy.D

Investigator/Rater, Mental Health

Parke J. Hedges, MDPrincipal Investigator

Parke J. Hedges, MD

Principal Investigator

Jason Miller, DOPrincipal Investigator

Jason Miller, DO

Principal Investigator

Harry A. Croft, MDPrincipal Investigator

Harry A. Croft, MD

Principal Investigator

Terri Nutt, MDPrincipal Investigator

Terri Nutt, MD

Principal Investigator

Camilo A. Gonima, MDPrincipal Investigator

Camilo A. Gonima, MD

Principal Investigator

Bryan M. Cox, MDPrincipal Investigator

Bryan M. Cox, MD

Principal Investigator

Pendleton Wickersham, MDPrincipal Investigator

Pendleton Wickersham, MD

Principal Investigator

Scott M. Henslee, MD

Principal Investigator

Jose M. Ruiz, III, MDPrincipal Investigator

Jose M. Ruiz, III, MD

Principal Investigator

Lisa Martén, MDPrincipal Investigator

Lisa Martén, MD

Principal Investigator

Martha Leatherman, MDPrincipal Investigator

Martha Leatherman, MD

Principal Investigator

Valentin Almendarez, Jr., MDPrincipal Investigator

Valentin Almendarez, Jr., MD

Principal Investigator

Elizabeth Hughes Tichy, MDPrincipal Investigator

Elizabeth Hughes Tichy, MD

Principal Investigator

Boulos Toursarkissian, MDPrincipal Investigator

Boulos Toursarkissian, MD

Principal Investigator

Laura Melghem, HRMDirector, Human Resources

Laura Melghem, HRM

Director, Human Resources

Cindi Nellis, BADirector, Marketing/Recruitment

Cindi Nellis, BA

Director, Marketing/Recruitment

Ann-Marie Laird, BSDirector, Business Operations/Finance

Ann-Marie Laird, BS

Director, Business Operations/Finance

Paul Esparza, BSAssistant Director, Early Phase and Laboratory Manager

Paul Esparza, BS

Assistant Director, Early Phase and Laboratory Manager

Tracy Fuentes, BSManager, Early Phase CRC

Tracy Fuentes, BS

Manager, Early Phase CRC

Matthew Korte, BS, CCRCTeam Lead, Internal Medicine

Matthew Korte, BS, CCRC

Team Lead, Internal Medicine

Cynthia Ramos, BS, CCRCTeam Lead, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Cynthia Ramos, BS, CCRC

Team Lead, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Staci Poettgen, BSManager, QA/Regulatory Compliance

Staci Poettgen, BS

Manager, QA/Regulatory Compliance

Dawn Killian, BSManager, Quality Control/Data Management

Dawn Killian, BS

Manager, Quality Control/Data Management

Edna HernandezTeam Lead, Recruitment

Edna Hernandez

Team Lead, Recruitment

Mary Jo Perez-Jenkins, CCRCCRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Mary Jo Perez-Jenkins, CCRC

CRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Nicole Disney, BS, CCRCCRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Nicole Disney, BS, CCRC

CRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Nathan Cortez, MS, CCRCCRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Nathan Cortez, MS, CCRC

CRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Khadija Arain, AAS, CCRCCRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Khadija Arain, AAS, CCRC

CRC II, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Robert Miranda, BSCRC I, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Robert Miranda, BS

CRC I, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Jovan GarciaCRC I, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Jovan Garcia

CRC I, Women’s Health/Mental Health

Chelsea Herrberg, BSCRC I, Internal Medicine

Chelsea Herrberg, BS

CRC I, Internal Medicine

Alison MortensenCRC I, Internal Medicine

Alison Mortensen

CRC I, Internal Medicine

Stephanie Muñoz, BSCRC I, Internal Medicine

Stephanie Muñoz, BS

CRC I, Internal Medicine

Muziya Nakazwe, MSCRC I, Internal Medicine

Muziya Nakazwe, MS

CRC I, Internal Medicine

Karol Barstow, RN, BSN, CCRCCRC II, Early Phase

Karol Barstow, RN, BSN, CCRC

CRC II, Early Phase

Emily MendezCRCA, Early Phase

Emily Mendez

CRCA, Early Phase

Jesus CavazosCRCA, Early Phase

Jesus Cavazos

CRCA, Early Phase

James Stokes, AASCRCA, Early Phase

James Stokes, AAS

CRCA, Early Phase

Amanda GomezCRCA, Early Phase

Amanda Gomez

CRCA, Early Phase

Brian HemmingLaboratory Technician

Brian Hemming

Laboratory Technician

Melinda AxtonLaboratory Technician

Melinda Axton

Laboratory Technician

Jeremy Navarro, BBABusiness Development Coordinator

Jeremy Navarro, BBA

Business Development Coordinator

Marissa Johnson, BBABusiness Development Assistant

Marissa Johnson, BBA

Business Development Assistant

Amy Griffith, BS, CCRCCRC II, Source Creation Specialist

Amy Griffith, BS, CCRC

CRC II, Source Creation Specialist

Celina Escarzaga-Rivera, BSBusiness Operations Specialist

Celina Escarzaga-Rivera, BS

Business Operations Specialist

Kristy Duncan, BBABusiness Operations Specialist

Kristy Duncan, BBA

Business Operations Specialist

Mary GonzalezBusiness Operations Specialist

Mary Gonzalez

Business Operations Specialist

Ismael “Rod” RodriguezBudget/Contract Coordinator

Ismael “Rod” Rodriguez

Budget/Contract Coordinator

Sally Quiroz, RMARegulatory Compliance Specialist

Sally Quiroz, RMA

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Steffanie Barrera, BSRegulatory Compliance Specialist

Steffanie Barrera, BS

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Janet MontenegroRegulatory Compliance Specialist

Janet Montenegro

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Kelly TesoroQuality Assurance Specialist

Kelly Tesoro

Quality Assurance Specialist

Lemond Robinson, BSTraining and Development Coordinator

Lemond Robinson, BS

Training and Development Coordinator

Saima Malik, BSQuality Control Data Coordinator

Saima Malik, BS

Quality Control Data Coordinator

Erica LealQuality Control Data Coordinator

Erica Leal

Quality Control Data Coordinator

Luke Scroggins, BAVideographer

Luke Scroggins, BA


Jessica Garza, MBAMarketing Assistant

Jessica Garza, MBA

Marketing Assistant

Andrea Gomez, BAPre-Screen/Recruitment Specialist

Andrea Gomez, BA

Pre-Screen/Recruitment Specialist

Nicholas Trinidad, BARecruitment/Outreach Coordinator

Nicholas Trinidad, BA

Recruitment/Outreach Coordinator

Alicia GarzaRecruitment Specialist

Alicia Garza

Recruitment Specialist

Blanca BarberenaRecruitment Specialist

Blanca Barberena

Recruitment Specialist

Casaundra RobinsonRecruitment Specialist

Casaundra Robinson

Recruitment Specialist

Crystal SotoRecruitment Specialist

Crystal Soto

Recruitment Specialist

Dalia ArriagaRecruitment Specialist

Dalia Arriaga

Recruitment Specialist

DeLaine StarksRecruitment Specialist

DeLaine Starks

Recruitment Specialist

Diana MarquezAdministrative Assistant

Diana Marquez

Administrative Assistant

Andrew MelghemAdministrative Assistant

Andrew Melghem

Administrative Assistant

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