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Early Phase Services

Clinical Trials of Texas has conducted more than 50 Early Phases studies since 2010.

CTT Early Phase Unit
CTT Early Phase Unit

Our Facility

  • 4,200 sq ft dedicated space
  • 22+ beds
  • Full crash cart
  • Within one mile of hospital/ER

Our Staff

  • Full-time Chief Medical Director
  • DNP for optimal patient coverage
  • 10+ CRCs/CRCAs + multiple support departments
  • ACLS Certified Staff
  • Total staff experience of 33 years



  • YSI
  • Telemetry
  • Infusion
  • Insulin Challenge
  • Food Effect
  • FIH


On-Site PBMC

Diverse Populations

Best Clinical Trial Site – 2021*

Immediate Data

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What Sponsors & CROs Say About CTT

From a Sponsor

“You and your site have been one of the best I have EVER worked with.”

From a Sponsor

“We were both very impressed with the broad range of research services CTT can provide sponsors.”

From a CRO

“You certainly stand out from thousands of other sites for so many reasons including simply having an engaged PI who knows his patients and I can pick up the phone and have an actual dialogue with, to having dedicated coordinators who strive to do a great job, to your internal processes such as diligent prescreening to minimize SFs, as well as proven attention to detail, and ceaseless commitment to quality and success.  You guys are always honest, fair, quality-driven, and truly vested partners, which is appreciated more than words can adequately portray. You can only imagine how easy a site like yours makes my job.”

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*CTT was named “Best Clinical Trial Site” by the World Vaccine Congress in 2021