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To qualify for this study, participants must:

  • Be 56 years of age or older and received 3rd dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at least 5 months ago but no longer than 12 months ago
  • Be in good general health -may have a stable medical condition (controlled by medication) but not active suicidal ideation
  • Not have severe reaction to vaccines
  • Not have had diagnosis of COVID-19
  • Not have received any COVID-19 vaccine except for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
  • Not be immunocompromised
  • Not have a bleeding disorder associated with prolonged bleeding
  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Not be receiving treatment with radiation therapy or immunosuppressive therapy
  • Not have received blood/plasma, immunoglobulin or monoclonal antibodies at least 90 days ago
  • Not have received medication intended to prevent COVID-19
  • Additional criteria may apply


PLEASE NOTE: You must confirm your eligibility before your appointment by calling 210-949-0122, ext. 290.

 *Compensation up to $595 may be available for time and travel. 

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