Schedule Yourself for a prescreen

A prescreen may either be in person or on the phone with a professional patient recruiter to help determine if you will qualify to participate in a study. In-person prescreens often consist of lab work and vitals to see if you qualify. Phone prescreens, which are often used for mental and behavioral health studies, will help determine your eligibility.

The type of appointment you are scheduling – either a phone or in-person prescreen – will be clearly marked on the scheduling system. There is no cost to prescreen and no insurance necessary. Some prescreens may provide compensation for your time.

Dermatology Consultation

Receive $25

Healthy Volunteers



Schedule Yourself to Participate in a Study

A study appointment can be made at your convenience online. The scheduling system will have a clear description of criteria which may include or exclude from a study. We recommend that after scheduling you call 210-949-0122, ext. 290 to verify your eligibility. There is no cost to participate in a study and no insurance is necessary. Patients who qualify to screen for a study may receive compensation for time.

CMV Vaccine

Low Testosterone

Contraception Self-Scheduler - Women 18-45

Shingles Vaccine Self-Scheduler

Pediatric ADHD Self-Scheduler

GERD Self-Scheduler

Pneumonia Vaccine Self-Scheduler

COVID/RSV Vaccine Self-Scheduler

Weight-Loss Self-Scheduler

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In addition to free screenings, CTT conducts studies in many therapeutic areas that impact our community such as obesity, diabetes, fatty liver, PTSD and vaccines.

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