Participating in a clinical trial is rewarding, but finding studies that you qualify for can be a challenging process.

Flourish Research takes the burden off of you. We match you with the studies that are right for you and your schedule, answer your questions, and provide ample information so you know exactly what to expect.

If you’re seeking new treatment options for a specific condition, but lack the necessary health plan coverage, clinical trial participation gives you this access without requiring insurance. Consider joining a study to receive care and contribute to the development of new medical therapies to improve the health of our families, communities, and world.

Not only is it free to participate, but qualified participants may be eligible for compensation. And, in some cases, travel is provided.

Learn more about your health, get exposure to new treatments, and take part in the discovery of life-changing therapeutics.

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Find the right study for you and your health condition by reviewing active studies from Flourish Research member sites. Search by location to get more information about opportunities in your area.

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