What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

By Dr. Pendleton Wickersham

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a serious disease that causes symptoms including joint pain and swelling, stiffness and fatigue. Both men and women can be affected although RA is more common in women. Onset in middle age is typical although RA can start at any age. Patients with RA often struggle to work or even to take care of themselves and their families because of the pain and fatigue.

While RA is a serious problem that can result in joint damage and disability, treatments have improved greatly over the past two decades. There are new medications that can improve symptoms and slow or even stop joint damage.

Rheumatologists are specialists in RA who can help with diagnosing and treating this disease. Patients with RA work with their Rheumatologist to determine the best options for them. Now that there are many good choices for treatment, having a specialist to help navigate the complexities of the disease and treatment options is important to get the best outcome.

Researchers also continue to work on newer treatment options to help improve options for patients with RA. Clinical Trials of Texas and Rheumatologist Dr. Pendleton Wickersham collaborate to offer patients access to studies for RA. Call 210-949-0122 or view studies online.

Pendleton Wickersham, MD is an investigator for Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT) and is board-certified in both internal medicine and rheumatology.